Wrath of the Future


About the Book:

In a post-apocalyptic future which has established a new world order with most of the population focused on a landmass which hasn’t been turned into wastelands, the Empire of Aluvium rules over its citizens with an iron hand, as the Supreme Leader, a masked entity whose identity is unknown, dictates the terms. As the most powerful nation on Earth and the other colonized planets of the galaxy, Aluvium is on a perpetual war with its seemingly-eternal nemesis, Peruvium. But on the day of execution of the revolutionaries of a secret organization working against the government, strange creatures appear on the streets of Aluvium. As a ruthless massacre of people begins in the Imperial City, the capital of Aluvium, the order which was established during the last few decades descends into chaos. The war continues at the borders, in space, and through the blood-stained streets of Aluvium.

Book Author

Tennyson Thomas






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