Yogam Sugam Anubavam


Physical Fitness and Clear Mind: A strong body helps to work and stay active. Mental health helps to make good decisions. If the mind is good, there are no diseases, and you will get immunity. Yoga practice helps to keep both body and mind well. This is a fact of my experience. Tirumular, who is hailed as an all-Tamil doctor, has written a mantra exclusively about yoga in Arulya Thirumanthiram. He also clearly explains about body, breath, and mind in many places in Thirumanthiram. Thirumanthiram is a rare treasure that should be in every home.

“In school, it was my habit to run and play football. During my college days, I enjoyed lifting weights and playing bar. After coming to work, I started practicing yoga. Yoga gurus have emphasized to me the benefits of yoga. In other games, we waste energy, but during the practice of yoga, we not only save energy but also carefully protect the external and internal organs. Practicing yoga still makes me feel comfortable and happy today. I take great pleasure in sharing pleasant experiences with my happy readers.”



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